anyone programming microcontrollers?

April 29, 2010 7:21pm CST
Hi! I'm an electronics engineer and one of my favorite hobbies is programming pic microcontrollers. They are great although they are being used less everyday in favor of AVR or Propeller microcontrollers... Anyway, I've been programming PICs for years, first using serial port programmers, and dealing with all the trouble they've got until I bought an USB microcontroller about 3 years ago. Today I was programming an application at work and suddenly my programmer just stoped working, it just die and now I don't have any other programmer and have to finish that application by tomorrow. There's no way I can get another USB programmer that soon so I'm thinking of building a serial port programmer again... It would be fun if I wasn't in a hurry, I just hope I can make one work fast. Anyone here programming PIC microcontrollers? What programmer do you use? I'm thinking on building the RCD programmer because I just need to program a pic 16f88 and that programmer works fine.
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30 Apr 10
Hey protoboard, I am a engineering 3rd year student and I need to do a project on microcontrollers for my fourth year. As I do not have much knowledge on this , could you please suggest some topics for a simple but interesting project.Where can i find resources and ideas?If you could refer any webisites, it would be really helpful.
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1 May 10
Vick77 and protoboard, thanks a lot to both of you for the help.I have not decided on any specific topic as of yet but I will go through these links and soon decide.Thanks.