In which hand you use to tie Wrist watch.

April 30, 2010 2:12am CST
Hi friends, everyone is having their own style. Some one eat vegetarian and some body non vegetarian. Like that coming to the wrist watch i use to tie wrist watch on left hand, What about you? and is there any specific reason to tie a wrist watch on left hand?!?!?! Leave your response and enjoy mylotting....
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• India
14 Jan 13
Like all right handed persons i tie it on left wrist, that way it is convenient lol.
• India
11 Dec 12
Hi pals, i tie my watch on the left hand hoping that will make me to do some work on that side. My thought is that my watch and my pulse on my left arm have some stimulation from my right part of my brain and to my heart through arteries which makes me to move like my watch.
@aurerm (371)
• Switzerland
4 May 10
Hello I wear mine on the right hand. I do it because I think its much more comfortable then the left, even I am right handed. I switched from left to right. My wife also wears it right. And funny: Our four kids all copied us. So in this thing our family is special.
• China
30 Apr 10
Hi,A majority of people is accustomed to wear the wrist watch on their right band. Nobody know why. however people have been doing so for hundreds and thousands years when human being begined to know how to decorate themself. This is 21 century, you can do what you like. it does not matter if you could like to wear your watch on left. you are free to be yourself. Well,I am also wearing the wrist watch on my righ hand.
• Philippines
30 Apr 10
for me its the opposite, i am a righty but i wear my watch on my left. maybe its also the same for others and opposite for lefties.
• China
30 Apr 10
i don't like tie a weist watch.if necessary,i tie it on my left hand,not right hand as other girls.this makes me feel more convenient and is said that the character of the girl who tie the wrist watch on left hand looks like boy.haha..i do think so.i do manythings like boy but girl.