What do you think of a person who always asks: smart or annoying?

April 30, 2010 7:07am CST
Well, I think the person may look smart if she/he is a journalist, reporter, or in a position wherein asking questions is an important part of his/her job. But does it also go that way for ordinary people you meet, like friends, neighbors, etc? For me it becomes annoying if the questions being asked are already too much. I'm in this job wherein getting information is a must and asking questions is the key to get it. Sometimes, I would wonder if the person whom I throwing a lot of questions doesn't find me annoying already, and might reach to the point that he won't give me information anymore. What are the limits in asking questions? Are there any?
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• Bulgaria
30 Apr 10
It depends on the questions.. I mean if the questions are really really stupid you will get annoying fast. But if you ask interesting things for the person you ask you could look smart (if the guy understands what you are asking him :D) GL
@junrapmian (2170)
• Philippines
30 Apr 10
If it is a child, a toddler to be exact, is the one who asks questions frequently, he is smart. He wants to know anything that is happening around him. But if it someone who is old enough, I guess he is annoying. I believe that a person who always asks questions without really analyzing first his question is somewhat irritating. I have this niece, a high school student who is very annoying. She always asks questions which I think are really easy to understand but she keeps on asking. I told her to do her homework or research first before she ask questions. I am willing to interpret to her her conclusion. I guess, this is laziness on her part. she wants others to get all the answers for her, and that is bad!