How many PTCs do you have?

April 30, 2010 1:02pm CST
I have few PTCs before but few days ago I decided to increase and sign up to some more PTCs to earn more pennies… I know many members here are into PTCs too… some would say that clicking on them is just a waste of time and electricity… you earn peanuts on them and takes long to reach the minimum set cash out and worst some became or turned scam before you reach your cash out… But still, despite of those negative feedback and negative issues that are being brought up everyday… despite of the numbers of newly born scam sites… despite of the increasing numbers of PTCs that turned scam eventually, I still joined these sites… Right now, before joining any sites I check them first on google. I don’t join when they are still listed on the “on going investigation” or “Pending full review”. I think it is safer to avoid time wasted on clicking sites that aren’t legit. Yes it is true that I earn peanuts from them but those small few peanuts once sum up, will eventually grow big… It takes time and patience… Right now, I have 22 PTCs I opened and clicked everyday… How about you? How many PTCs do you have?
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@tluanga (768)
• India
3 May 10
i have 27 hmmm , is this too much? ill drop some of them as soon as i reach cash out
@Jules01 (131)
2 May 10
I don't have any of these. Last year I tried out a few sites and I realised very quickly that I would be better spending my time on other projects. Think about it. You spend hours working for very little. If you look at the psychology behind it the effor you put in far outweighs the benefits. But people carry on in the hope that things will change. Why would it? The companies are not suddenly going to pay out megabucks just because you are there. Do you want to be a leader in this field or are you content being one of the headless chickens? Does the amount you earn even pay for the internet connection and electricity? Think about what you are doing. Learn from it. If the situation is not likely to improve then move on.