Insatiable Thirst For Knowledge

United States
April 30, 2010 1:08pm CST
Do any of my fellow MyLotters have an insatiable thirst for knowledge?I know I do.I am always looking up free online courses on Computer Programming,Repair,Software Design,Cooking,Sweing,Crafting,Gardening,etc.I also take free writing seminars and courses as I am currently in the progress of writing a couple of different series of books.One series is a learning series for young children that I wrote when my own kids were to young to go to school and even used one of my stories to teach my Grandmother to read before she passed away.I have submitted the first one of that series to a possible agent and am waiting for a reply.I am also working on a fiction series dealing with vampires,Lycans and all sorts of mythical creatures.The first one from that series has also been again,I will ask...Does anyone else have this insatiable thirst for knowledge?
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@Jules01 (131)
6 May 10
Hi Darkangel5764, I too have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I loved school, I loved college and I loved Uni. I've taken many short courses and I'm constantly searching for information on the internet. My big problem is that I enjoy so many things that I'm constantly bouncing from one to another. Some days my poor little brain finds it difficult to cope. I spend so long trying to decide what to do that I don't actually get much done. I've just started a creative writing course. Maybe the books will come next.
• Malaysia
1 May 10
me too. i love to learn new things. i learnt a lot from the internet especially photography and graphic designing. i also learnt how to do magic tricks from the internet to be used in my teaching and learning session in school (i am a teacher). it really attracts my pupils. there is no boundary in learning in what ever field or course it may be.
• Philippines
1 May 10
I am.I would like to learn a lot of things.learning new things can keep you smart and sharp.I read a lot.I want to learn about Fashion Designing,Computer Animation,Photography,Cooking,Sewing,and a whole lot more.I also have passions that I want to focus on - learn to manage a business,learn fashion designing,and learn to be a great cook/baker.I want to learn a lot of things not just in one field,but in a lot of fields.I have a lot of things I want to learn in music,arts,culinary,and sports - I want to learn to play the piano and drums,I want to learn pole dancing,I want to learn how to bake,and I want to learn how to sew.