Sookie Stackhouse Series

April 30, 2010 9:09pm CST
Has anybody here read the Sookie Stackhouse Series? They're written by Charlaine Harris and has been adapted into a TV series called True Blood since. I've read books 1-9 and rereading them all over again, and I'm so excited for the next one - Dead in the Family!!! I'm rereading everything because I have to refresh my memory so that I can fully enjoy reading the newest book. Bill or Eric? or Sam? or Alcide? or Quinn? What do you think? Me, I'm so in love with Eric! I also like Sam's character... I'm so glad I discovered this series because I really, really enjoy reading it. I mean, Sookie is the strong, independent woman-type of heroine and I love the fact that she has a lot of guys wanting her. And the idea about vampires and weres deciding to expose themselves to the public is just plain genius! I almost wish it was true. I'm interested to what you guys think about this series. And to the others who haven't read it, go on and try it out!
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