Neobux took 40 cents from me for letting go of 2 referrals? That's ridiculuous!

@meowcow (936)
May 1, 2010 12:27am CST
I've been a neobux member since like 3 years ago but I let go of that account cos I kinda forgot about it. Made about $2+ from clicking alone but never got to renting referrals. On this new account of mine I got to try it out and it was pretty cool it's become kind of a game already, instead of just zombie-clicking. Anyway, just woke up today and saw that because I didn't renew 2 of my 3 rented referrals. Now here's my point... Those referrals weren't clicking that's why I let them go, then neobux charges me for it? I mean gimme a break, Neobux! How does anyone earn anything here then? Don't get me wrong it's still pretty fun and I still like it. I just may be doing something wrong. Anyone got any good tips that work for you? I have currently 13 rented referrals for at least 25 more days, about 2 of those have been extended to 90 days and one is extended for 60 (average clicker). And about 2bucks left for payout no more rental balance. Help! :( P.S. - I don't like this new interface they're sporting. I was just getting used to maneuvering their old one lol. :P This one may grow on me yet, we'll see.
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@tluanga (768)
• India
2 May 10
this is what i do, i invest $5 for renting, i never cash out, keep on using my balance for keeping my referral for 90 days and another 90 days. Letting go of your referral cost you 20 cent per referral. The mistake most people made is, they rent referral and when they reach payout they just cash out, referral are expiring , no balance left for them to renew and they have negative balance.