Do you have financial plannings?

May 1, 2010 2:41am CST
Most of the people talk about financial plannings. It is very important for us that we should know the importance of financial plannings. Different countries have different programs, some are interested in investment. Mutual funds, Retirement plans and lots more. Its all about intelligently planned our financial goals from the very beginnings. Do you have any idea?
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• Philippines
1 May 10
For me Financial planning is an act that you save for the future in your old age or disability. Lucky for us if we that stage of old age. What if we reach that stage but disabled? Who will feed us? What will we buy for mdicines, food, clothes and other things? We plan because we don't want to be somebody's burden. So in other words we need financial planning for the preparation of the loss of income. We plan for as the REPLACEMENT of the income loss. If you want to live 10 years more from your retirement you should have enough money for that long.
• India
1 May 10
You are absolutely right, we should do it today for a secure future. Financial planning and saving money is different and we should aware of the differences. People use to save money without thinking about its proper plannings. There are many schemes which facilitate us to give a better returns. We should at least try to acquire the right advise from experts. Many well-educated people even don't know the actual meaning of retirement. People think if we have a job, we will get retirement after few years. The actual meaning of retirement is to stop work and get financial freedom. Many private bank has facilities, and we should go for it for proper guidance. Have a good day.
• Chennai, India
23 Sep 13
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