Will the Oil spill affect the economy?

United States
May 1, 2010 12:50pm CST
Will the Oil spill off the Gulf coast affect the oil economy and the quest for more efficient energy? Why are we still doing off shore oil drilling despite the risk and the threats to our national security? Should not we be transfering everything to a green job economy? The Oil spill was a ecological and human tradegdy. Countless wildlife and fish and game were destroyed and the human toilbeside those who died in the explosion is almost immesurable. However it takes time to transfer from one system of things to another. But we must begin in ernest now.
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@zarie20 (16)
• Malaysia
2 May 10
of coz.. if the oil is reduce.. see what happen in the world economy..
• United States
30 May 10
The economy is being greatly affected by the Oil spill. Drudge and sludge continues to uze into the Gulf of Mexico/ It is directly impacting waters, shore and economies of several states. From Florida, to Lousianna, to Mississipi officials are very concerned as to whaat are the Longterm and shorterm effects of the Oil spill that continues to flush like a husher from deep under the ocean waters outside the coast of louis iana. It is relentless and treachous as any Tornado and is just as destructive and as fierce as the most challenging Hurricane. Down into the depths far down a mile deep. It continues.
• United States
15 Jun 10
the oil spill will definately affect the economy. first of all, the human race is still totaly dependant on oil for most of its activities. very little would go on if oil suddenly run out. we are totally dependant on oil. what the oil spill will do is create more resources for greener, more efficent energy sources. more investment will be made towards green energy and less towards oil based economy. from the losses being experienced by BP suggests that this is already happening.