finally! Tuned my guitar on my own

May 2, 2010 12:23am CST
no more help more asking friends when they will be free so that i can give my guitar to them so that they can tune it.finally!i am so happy.i know its not big deal for most of you but for me it is.actually i used a digital software to tune my guitar.i connected my microphone and one by one i tuned the guitar.there is a lot of frequency stuff need to match the right frequency.lots of physics involved took me 2 hours to tune my guitar.phew!but it never felt boring at any stage.i am so happy and excited.yeppy!please share your experience when you first tuned your guitar?how much time it took you and so on.
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@walijo2008 (4647)
• United States
4 May 10
Why do you have to ask your friends to tune your guitar up? You need to just buy you a good guitar tuner, and you can do it yourself and it will just take you a few mintues to do it. I have one that just clips on to the neck of my guitar and I can tune it that way, doesn't take any time at all. I don't remember the first time I tuned my guitar, its been too long ago now. I know it didn't take that long. I don't like tuning my bass guitar, now thats a different story, especially after you put new strings on it, it takes forever to get it tuned..ha.
• India
4 May 10
actually my parents don't like me playing the guitar because they want me to concentrate more on studies.
@kenites (337)
• Philippines
13 May 10
That is the first step in developing your hearing skills. I remember my younger days trying to figure out how to tune a guitar, there was no internet then and I was just relying on the instruction I found in a certain songbook on how to tune guitars. I read and followed the instruction but I cannot seems to get it but not for a long while. Ofcourse I was so happy upon learning how to tune guitars, I even boasted it to my friends and everytime they want their guitar tuned they always called me for help. Learning how to tune a guitar will be the first step in learning also how to make your own tabulature for a certain songs since at this time you have an idea on listening to the right note.
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
5 May 10
Congrats to u!! haha =D I have always admired guitar players.. I have always seen them as someone being talented, and they are just so cool!! haha =D I have seen my friends tuning their own guitars as well, but they are not using the similiar technology like yours though.. They prefer to do it simple, via their sense of hearing and comparing among each other.. hehe
@veejay19 (3592)
• India
2 May 10
hi antony2best, you have taken me back to my younger days when i used to play the guitar. I remember my guitar teacher took me to a shop and chose a Spanish guitar and then we came to my house. The very first thing he taught me was to tune the guitar.In those days there were no electronic equipment like you have , i am talking about 1964. He showed me but after he went away i tried but failed miserably. When he came the next day he again showed me and made me retune it myself. Since i did not have anything to tune it with he brought a small pan- flute like instrument which had a few notes of which the first note was the 'C'. Then it became easier and so in the next 3 to 4 days i was able to tune the guitar myself. Once the C note got fixed in my head i was able to tune it without using the tuner.Later on i became an expert and could tune any guitar.
@umadper (947)
• India
2 May 10
hi,antony,very have proved that if a man really concentrate to do any thing..nothing is impossible.All the best and have a nice time.