Does your high school offer AP/college level classes?

@wigima5 (908)
United States
May 2, 2010 8:02pm CST
Idk about your high school, but mine offers AP classes. We actually have a really good selection of AP classes. There are a few levels of classes. First general, then college prep (normal), then honors (smart), and then AP classes. And we can earn a certain number of credits for that class. instead of thousands of dollars per credit like in college, we only pay $25 per credit. So it can save a LOT of money. Also, colleges reallyy like seeing determined advanced students who already take college level classes. I think it's a really good idea, and I am currently enrolled in 2 AP classes: AP history and french. Next year im taking 4. At the end of the year you take AP exams, and if u pass u get credit tat can be accepted at ANY school in the country. Certain AP classes automatically get credit for our state college if you get a final grade of at least an 80. So, does your school offer AP classes? Do you take any?
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