How to distinguish silver jewelry ' quality

May 3, 2010 7:17am CST
My friend David bought a fashionable jewelry for his new girl friend Mary.It is nice and shining and Daivd thought she must like it very much.But Mary was angry and said to David that why you bought me such a piece of jewelry without value.It is a fake one.David was surprised that actually Mary is professional on distinguishing jewelry.Mary taught David how to distinguish silver jewelry's quality .I think it is very useful to us and share with you : 1.Use your eyes to have a look at color,if it is white and should be in good quality. 2.Use your hands to bend it.if it is easy to bend and not easy to break,it should in be good quality. 3.Use your hands to throw it,if it is bounces a little and sounds is stable ,it should be in good quality. 4.Use chemical reagent to test it,if its color tends to be light,it should be in good quality.
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