When is the best age to get married?

May 3, 2010 12:24pm CST
As for me, I believe mid twenties to early thirties is the best time to get married because people at this stage are usually made, with their stable careers. It's hard to raise a family nowadays. Baby's milk is expensive, and will cost you approximately 1000 Philippine pesos. It's even harder for those who work jobs on a contractual basis or a project basis that have low wages. What's on your mind, my friends? Thanks!
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
3 May 10
Personally, I think marriage can occur at any age, but perhaps the "best" time to do it would be the early twenties to the late twenties. I feel during this time people are still young and they can find work easily to support the family. Men and women during this age period are also most fertile and sexually active, hence it is easier to get babies. Menopause may happen even in the low thirties for women, so the period before that would be ideal. But still, we should let love come as it comes. No use forcing ourselves because we are desperate to find a partner, as this might only result in choosing the wrong partner and arguments and divorce ensue. Just putting myself as an example here, I am already in my mid twenties and I still have never been in a relationship before, but as I mentioned before, I prefer to let love come as it comes. Or maybe I just need to start making the moves on girls......
• Philippines
3 May 10
I guess you are right when you say that " the best time to do it would be the early twenties to late twenties" especially if they want to raise a family. I also like your point that it can occur at any age. My mom's friend married when she was forty years old, and she met the guy in a cruise ship.
• Philippines
3 May 10
You have a point though and it's all up to you to decide who is the one for you.
@max1950 (2313)
• United States
3 May 10
myself i think after all schooling is completed, your set in a job that you like and can have a future with then and only then do i think it's time to settle down.it seems that money problems are always an issue in early marriage so waiting for the right time is a must.
• Philippines
3 May 10
I believe that education will prepare you for a better life in the future, especially if the couple wants to raise a family. I have a friend who just graduated from her MBA course with highest honors. That means bigger pay.
• Philippines
9 May 10
their is certainly no particular time .when you feel ready to have a family thats the time you enter marriage. your right its really hard to bear a family with the kind of living right now. almost every thing had to cost you a piso . you can't even find a candy worth 50 cents anymore which we used to have. if your planning to get married and don't have a budget better stick to the judge to save money.
@vinuthan (29)
• India
7 May 10
Nowadays Income is more important. Once a person is settled in life with good income, then he/she can plan for marriage. Mostly between 24 and 30 one can get married after getting a good job as income is important in a married life.
@2mycash (15)
6 May 10
people should wait till after they turn 50 to get married
@neildc (17253)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
4 May 10
i agree with you liz. almost everything now is in high prices and too expensive. i know this because i have been married for almost 21 years now. if i can give the right age, i can't. but with the status ones career helps big in getting to married life. if possible, one should already a house of his own before marrying his partner and raise their family.