important in my life

May 3, 2010 11:22pm CST
getting married, raising children...that is how a family is important to me because they are the people whom i can tell everything and they are ones who really understands me to what i am going through.sometimes it is sad to think that some people just ignore on what was going on to the family relationships.we can see that the argue starts in their family circle.and the relationship within the circle is going too tough.why could that happen?is it because of the pride?but i think it's not good to continue on that attitude.if you argue something in your family, don't let tomorrow passed by...i know it is hard, but just a take a deep breath and learn how to apologize to anyone you argue with.learn to love your family
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• India
4 May 10
I totally agree with you . Family is very important for me ! I can't live without my family for even a day . I am a high school kid , so for me family means , Mom , dad , bro and granny . I love all of them .
• Philippines
4 May 10 right and a family shouldn't be abandoned. If ever we've done wrong to a family member or vice versa, we should show humility and forgive or ask forgiveness to them. This will make the family more solid.