Can't resist the food crave?

Burger and fries - A large serving of burger and fries, an irresistible meal.
@naka75 (797)
May 4, 2010 3:41am CST
I know I shouldn't have been eating chocolates, burgers and fries, potato chips, as they tend to cause food allergy symptoms such as undesirable production of mucus, or lethargy and sore throat, and above all, they generally do not have good nutrition. However at times I cannot suppress my crave for these food and go for them, without thinking of the consequences and come to regret later. Do you have some food that you know you should not eat but still could not resist the crave. Do you think about the consequences? Or what is your solution to avoid them? Please share some advice, many thanks!
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@amelly (1556)
• Malaysia
10 May 10
i think i enjoy any kind of tasty food and i do crave for food even right now!!but i tend to think about the affect on my health.i don't want to be overweight and i don't want to wear extra size outfits!!i just think about that kind of things and i get to control it slowly and i know u can do it too!!
@kun2349 (23475)
• Singapore
5 May 10
I do crave for such snacks over the time, especially at night, when i'm bored, watching tv.. lol =D BUt as long as it does not become a habit, it's fine for me.. Actually, so long as we dun get started right from the start, we wont crave at all.. hehe ^_^ For now, i'm always eating my yogurt to beat any forms of craving and yogurt is healthy, thus it's fine for me.. hehe
@rachael5760 (2720)
• Israel
4 May 10
I try to eat more salads and put spices and a bit of dressing on the salad. It is better than eating sweets. To help get rid of sore throat, gargle with hot chilli pepper or salt water, (spit the salt water out) Good luck!