Loving your enemy

May 4, 2010 8:59am CST
Is it easy for you to love your enemy? If you do then you had fulfill the commandment of God...In Mathew 5:44 it says "Love your enemy and pray for those who persecute you"... How about you in what way and circumstances you will show your love to your enemy?
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• Romania
1 Jul 10
In my case it is very hard. I have a friend once and we work at the same place so he was very bad with me. I am trying to be a good christian but is very difficyult when someone thaks what is your....
@llbo1981 (1242)
• China
21 Jun 10
It is hard for us to love our enemy.But if you can love your enemy,you are an excellent person.You should have wide heart to endure your enemey.If you can do this,you will success in future.
@reckon21 (3487)
• Philippines
21 Jun 10
To be honest it's hard to do this thing because your enemy is the one who usually torment and torture you. Your enemy is the one one who gives you pain and suffering and how can you love that kind of person if what he or she did is hurting you all the time. There is no sense to it but then it is impossible thing to do. Maybe I can forget an enemy and avoid them at all cost but I can't possibly love them. that would be so hard like you were trying to swallow something you already spit in the ground. Maybe If I will go to other place and forget that enemy that will be much better than loving them.
@patersh (120)
• Philippines
22 May 10
loving your enemy is really hard. for me, it is one of the hardest things to do. well maybe it just need time in order to do that.
• China
4 May 10
i think it is difficult for me, maybe sometimes on the sidelines of seeing my friends love their enemy, i persuaded them to just do it, however, to be honest, i am afraid to accept the fact that i love one guy who i ever hated. in addition, though i take heart of grace to love, i may afraid that other people may do some recon, so it seems ridiculous for me to love a enemy