do you agree that solo-parenting can have both trials and joys?

May 4, 2010 10:12am CST
i had my son at the age of 34. i am single, unmarried and it was difficult because i had to go through my pregnancy practically alone. in the philippines, it is not unusual for a woman of that age to still be living with her parents, and i was with my mom then. she was mad (and hurt) when i told her of my condition. for her, it was something not quite acceptable in the family, and in the community. she did not talk to me until after i gave birth. when i passed water at eight months and had to be rushed to the hospital though, she was there, and was even the one who gave the doctor permission to do a c-section. and when my boy came out, she was around to help me care for him. i believe, to the extent of spoiling him. when i found out that i was pregnant, i prayed hard that i be given a boy, a free-spirited one. and God has been very good to me, He granted me both. i was afraid i would not be able to raise a girl properly. tomorrow, may 5, my son will turn 16. and i am proud to say i did well. he will be entering his 4th year in high school, in a good school. he may not excel academically but he is one street-smart kid. raising a child alone may be difficult but alone is not really alone. i have family and friends who provide spiritual, emotional and financial support. i believe my son accepts and understands his situation. he is loving, when he chooses to be, just like any other teenager. he is sometimes like an elder who tells me what to do or what not to do. i feel so blessed having been given the free-spirited son that i wished for.
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@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
4 May 10
both perenting is very hard with the both sides. parents and children.
4 May 10
Well psychologically it is always a good thing to have both a father and mother figure. But I believe that a child can be brought up with a single-parent specially if the father or mother is still involved.