Weight loss programme is USELESS without muscle building & cardio workout!

May 5, 2010 11:36am CST
I build muscle to burn fat! it works, and always works... Weight loss programme is useless without muscle building & cardio workout! remember that! Muscle building here is like doing push ups, pull ups, bisep curl, bench press, and etc... muscle building is for men and women at ALL AGE.. Muscle building keeps your muscle and bone at their best. Muscle facts: 1.Muscle burns FAT every second. do u know? yes it burns fat even when u're sleep !! 2.Muscle building release human growth hormone to keep your metabolism high. Metabolism function is to burn fat! 3.More muscle = more fat burned every second! 4.Muscle is fat burning machine! 5.Muscle makes you looking hot and hoter. It makes the opposite gender attracted to u. 6.Muscle need to burn fat to grow bigger... so when u train your muscle, it will burn your fat That's all... I write this all by myself... based on my experiences in muscle building..^^
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