What is the retirement age in your country?

@mokkka (883)
May 5, 2010 4:39pm CST
Yeasterday I heard a proposal made in our government that the retirement age should be 65 for the women and 70 for men..I have nothing to say exept the fact that I give up and know I will probably never reach my retirement age.On the other hand I am interested what will people with lower education work later as let's say a girl who is now a waitress-she cannot do it till she is 65.What is the retirement age in your country?
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• Philippines
6 May 10
I think it's the same here in our country. Well, no one likes to work for the rest of his life so i'm planning to grow a business so i'll still be earning even past the peak working age.
@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
5 May 10
In the United States it all depends on when you were born. For me its 62 but I know for my daughters I believe its 65 or 70 which to me is ridiulous. How many don't even get to enjoy their retirement because they die right before or right after. I seriously think retirement should be 50 or 55 so we can enjoy our hobbies, friends and family. I think I will start collecting my two pensions by next year when I'm 55 years old, because no one promises us years of retirement. Then at 62 I will collect from my Social Security and IRA.