@kiran9 (255)
May 5, 2010 11:56pm CST
Let me know I want to purchase a personal computer? what is the best computer in the market? how to purchase system? what are the component of system? how to pick up system Information?
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• United Kingdom
6 May 10
This all depends on what you will be using your computer for. Some people like to buy new computers specifically for gaming purposes only and therefore they need to consider things like top spec graphics and so forth. Other people tend to just go for basic systems that are relatively cheap as they only need a few things that are important like Internet connectivity as well as writing letters using the inbuilt word processor programs. I suppose a goldern rule would be to buy a system with the best specs that you can afford. Nowadays people don't go for computers that only have a single processor, I'm not sure they sell them anymore. Now computers mainly come with a dual processer, that's two processors within the same housing unit. The other thing to consider is memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). I have four gigabytes of RAM now, I upgraded from two to four and I did this myself. The more memory you have in your system the better the overall performance. For those that don't know how to build a computer system themselves from scratch, they should get good advice prior to buying a computer. As for me, I'm currently in the process of building a computer of my own and I'm going to install windows seven on it. As money is tight I'm slowly purchasing all the parts that I need. I took a course in computer maintenance and installation which is why I'm doing this myself now. Anyway, good luck with your new computer! Make sure get some good advice before hand. Andrew
@user_786 (1338)
6 May 10
there is no best computer. the best computer is one that fulfills your needs. maybe you are a student and just want to create documents, or you want to play games and you a professional. so depending on your requirements you will buy a different specification computer. the latest cpu from intel available today is i think quad core. if you want PC just for general use you may get Intel's Dual core processor, 512 MB RAM, cd/dvd drive, 160GB hard disk and Intel motherboard. this will do the job for you
@pumared (515)
• Bulgaria
6 May 10
computer is the best part of me.