how come Scooby Doo can't talk as well as his nephew Scrappy Doo?

May 6, 2010 3:37am CST
another of tv's big mysteries.. how come Scooby Doo can't talk as good as his nephew Scrappy Doo? i thought they both came from the same family. and Scooby Doo has had more experience catching criminals and solving mysteries than Scrappy Doo. he should be able to talk better. to me, this is a question that is on par with the mystery of 'why the heck are ketchup bottles so un-cooperative?'..
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
6 May 10
well, I guess that you should ask the director of the cartoon series with scooby
• Malaysia
6 May 10
haha...if i knew who the fella was, i've got more questions for him.. are scooby snacks addictive? does Velma ever wash her sweater? how come Shaggy is called Shaggy and Scooby isn't called Doggy? how come you're looking at me like there's something wrong with me Mr Director?... hehehe... :)