How to express my love

love  - How to express love?
@kiran9 (255)
May 6, 2010 10:15am CST
Hi my lot friends, when I was studying graduation I was in love with her my neighbor I have never expressed my love. what is the best way to express my love. once I want to express my love while I felt very nervous and afraid will come automatically. what should I do now ? How to express my love with her? Is there any idea please tell me
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@evepin (723)
• Philippines
6 May 10
maybe you should ask her out first? it's one step in your goal to show her you are in love with her. build a foundation first then when things turn out fine then pursue some more. send her flowers, always be in contact with her through text or email or phone call. make your presence felt. write a letter (now isn't that romantic hahaha). do something special for her. but again, first, ask her out!
@keval32 (1099)
• India
6 May 10
Hi Kiran, First note that you must express your feelings to someone, without expressing it how can other know it? Without getting afraid tell her that how much you love her, how you feel when you think about her, how she attracted you, when you have seen her first, etc.... I know these might not be satisfying for you, but Kiran there is no any prescribed formula for expressing feelings, just tell how and what you feel about someone. That's it. Kiran It seems that you are Indian, do you remember that song of film 'Ram Teri Ganga Maili'? That's "Sun Sayba Sun"? There are words like "Koi Hasina Kadam Pehle Badha Ti Nahin, Majbur Dil Se Na Ho Toh Pas Aati Nahin". You must initiate my friedn because "Koi Hasina Kadam Pehle Badhati Nahin".
• United States
6 May 10
Tell her that you think she is cute and would like to know if she would like to go out for dinner. Keep it simple. A casual dining restaruant, so that she do not feel trapped in a romantic situation. Build a good friendship before exploring the romantic side of the situation. You need to know that you can get along with this person for the long term if you wish more to come of it.
@mokkka (883)
• Bulgaria
6 May 10
You should have some contacts with that man.It is not enough for you just to have some feelings towards him so that you go and tell him.You should try to get in touch with him and try to form a relationship.If things happen in the right way you may just tell him everything you feel but you shouldn't do it if you and him are not really close.