How did your relationship start? Just share with us your stories :)

Pasay, Philippines
May 6, 2010 2:43pm CST
1. How did you know each other? Where did you meet? 2. What was your relationship before you committed each other as lovers? Meaning to say during your friendship how come the two of you are close to each other? 3. Did you court your love ones? Or have you ever been courted? Why or why not? 4. How does your relationship developed into lovers? 5. How did you express your feelings towards the person you love before you commit to each other? 6. How did you make sure that you love each other? 7. What are the good things that you like most about the person you love? 8. What are the good things that the person appreciate about you? 9. What are your preferences for having commitment with the person you love? 10. Is that a person you are really looking for? Is he/she your ideal partner? Were your preferences accomplished? Why or why not? 11. When was the time that the two of you are officially committed as lovers? What was the date and month, is there any meaning about the number you have chosen? 12. How many months that you are related to each other as lovers right now? 13. Do you celebrate monthsaries or anniversaries as lovers? 14. Have you ever introduced your partner to your parents, family, relatives and friends? If YES! what was their reaction or feedback regarding to your partner? If NOT! how come you didn't introduce him/her? 15. Did your partner ever introduced you to his/her parents, family, relatives and friends? If YES! what was their reaction about you? If NOT! How come he/she didn't introduced you yet? 16. Aside from a fact that you are lovers how do you treat each other? Is it like a bestfriend, confidant, your siblings or your parent, anything else? 17. Are you open minded to each other? To the extent that you can reveal your secrets or all kinds of your hidden agenda? Does he/she knows everything about you as a person? 18. What are your arguments to each other? How do you deal or settle with it? Is there any time that you are not going to talk to each other? Do you have any fighting routines? 19. Do you feel IN LOVE for each other until now? 20. Even the fact that you are lovers for so long, are you still courting to each other? How you guys do that?
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7 May 10
1. How did you know each other, how did you meet? I actually met my hubby online...sounds dodgy at first, but not really!!! I am not sure how we actually came about finding each other, I actually think it was rugby and car related!!! I was talking about my rubgy league preference on my MySpace page and the fact I was a HUGE car fan, and my hubby saw this and started talking to shout about my rugby league team I supported!! We ended up talking a lot over the next few weeks, just banter about cars and rugby really. He had a girlfriend and it was never really anything that crossed my mind, I hadn't even seen a picture of him as it wasn't "that" kind of friendship. We ended up swapping numbers after a few months as it was so much easier to talk in text than online. And when he broke up with his girlfriend, we got much closer realising we actually really liked each other- we had known each other 2 years by this point, and had never actually met depsite him living very close to where I used to live, near my friends and family. I had actually seen him by this point and spoken to him a lot on the phone, but was still nervous when he said we should meet up and have a drink- but when he said he would come all the way to where I lived on the train, I decided he couldn't be a dodgy murderer if he was willing to meet me in a busy train station and go to a busy pub for our first meeting!!! So I agreed to meet him as friends. We got on just as well in person as we did on the phone etc, and ended up eventually getting together after 2 and a half years of speaking, he was my best friend by that point, I had told him every single thing about my life, and vice versa. 6. How did you make sure you loved each other? This just developed, very quickly actually after our relaionship started, and probably long before we even knew the feelings were there, the fact he was the only person I ever wanted to talk to was a big sign!!!! I most certainly knew he loved me when after dating for 6 months, he asked me to marry him!! have I ever introduced him to my family? YES! And I flaming regret that one...he made himself a little TOO at home with them!!!!!!! he treats them like his own parents!!! They love him and he loves them to pieces. We all get on really well!!! If only the same could be said about his family with me!!! Are you open minded to each other? Yes!! I can tell him anything, no matter what it is if it's embarassing I don't really mind, he never laughs or jokes, and helps me out if I need it. And vice versa! We tell each other everything all the time! What are your arguments? Everything!!! lol, we argue over stupid things, rarely a serious argument, and within half an hour of it happening we always look at each other and giggle, or apologise. Or jus say I love you, and we are fine again! Never has an argumemt lasted more than a couple of hours.
• Pasay, Philippines
14 May 10
Good to know that you have common interest that would be mean that you are for each other :) And seems that you are 100% comfortable to open up everything to your love ones. Because the truth is not all couples are like that even the married people, lol! can you imagine that?