why do you think there are a lot of sucky bands being played on air?

@maxen07 (890)
May 6, 2010 10:47pm CST
Lately, I've been hearing a lot of bands being played on the radio and they suck. A good friend of mine whom I look up to as a big brother and my mentor also fronts a mainstream band and he's been telling me that bands pay big money to get their music included in a countdown or their music videos to be shown in music channels. Band competitions can be corrupted too. I've been told that a certain band competition held every year in my country sponsored by a hard drink brand have been including sucky bands in the roster of finalists just because they are friends with the judges. The ones that get the grand price often don't get famous at all. Just think...a band wins the competition and you never hear from them again. I think it's just a publicity stunt to get people to buy their brand by associating itself to what people think is cool, and yes, rock bands are cool but only if they make good music.
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7 May 10
This boils down to what I believe to be the two main factors. 1. there is not really any "creativity" left in "mainstream music." Everyone seems to just wanna copy the last guy. There is no real GOOD music that has come out since (conservatively speaking here) 2002 if not before. Second reason is that the music industry is all about who you know. If you look at it everyone is saying that Kelli Clarkson is the most popular American Idol and the most successsful and this that and the other. HOWEVER, Carrie Underwood has sold 3 times as many albums as her and made over twice as much as her. However when was the last time you heard Carrie Underwood's name? Exactly, cause not everyone in the "nusiness" knows/likes her. You stand a much better chance of getting a record deal from your Uncle Tommy, than you do from some guy who just heard your band play for some other band. That is just a sad fact of life...
8 May 10
That is kind of true. A lot of artists have to struggle to get in unless, it the crap pop/hip-hop that the record companies are telling us to listen to. It far to corporate and commercial nowdays.
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8 May 10
Well maybe there are a lot more sucky listener's. I would guess that if there were no people listening to those bands they will not be played anymore.