i read only day before exam...

@vishkris (205)
May 7, 2010 6:28am CST
hi friends...once u become a student we only just love to roam enjoy bla bla bla except studies...it some time make us feel odd...but when exam comes in order to pass we have to study..i will only read day before the exam.. what about you friends?
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• India
7 May 10
This is what we call "one day batting " at our college.Everybody is just the same.This is the age that we enjoy.at the same time we should not neglect the studies completely. so just concentrate for at least one hour per day in your busy schedule,for education that is more than enough.
• Indonesia
7 May 10
yea...that's a phenomenon that apparently happened with students, especially in developing countries. their learning habit is low. i don't know. when there is a test, the students spend all night long right before the test day. you asked about me? honestly, i am lazy to study too, but when the material is hard for me to understand, i will learn to understand it, so i can pass the exam or test.
@phoenix8606 (4978)
7 May 10
well, it is really not recommended that you read only day before the exam, because there is almost no chance to learn everything you need to pass it with a good note :)
• China
7 May 10
I don't read only before the exam. I read when start the semester. May be we will pass if we read before the exam but we can not do well and we can't learn anything well properly. We just can memorize it before exam not understand the subject. So i believe student should read from firstly.
• Philippines
7 May 10
Yes, I do that most of the times when I am in college and it turned out that the time I have in studying is lacking and I always blame myself for what I did. But it is my routine so I can't discard this from doing.