Why Blogger removing ALL blogs promoting PTC/PTS links/advices/reviews...

@rudyro (110)
May 7, 2010 11:06am CST
According to the NEW Google TOS "both Pay-to-click and Pay-to-surf websites are fraudulent schemes to extract money from the advertisers, while delivering very little to encourage the merchandisers to pay the advertisers". Even AdSense, owned by Google, is one of the advertisers who is unwillingly paying for PTC and PTS activity. Blogger, owned by Google, considers blogs which contain PTC / PTS advice, and similar material, as SPAM. If your Blogger blog provides advice about PTC, PTS, and similar make money fast and easy techniques - or if you spend your time writing for such blogs, or your blog uses syndicated content - it will be classified as spam, and removed by Blogger. MY sugestion is - to back-up your content and temporarilly save it somewhere. In case your blog gets deleted/removed/temporarilly banned, at least you can post your articles/posts somewhere else, live Wordpress.com
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6 Apr 13
Thank God! For this warning!