Military Civilians

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November 16, 2006 9:19am CST
I had to air this one. Anyone who has served in the military may have had the opportunity to work for a civilian at one time or another. The fact that they are put in charge of military personnel without any kind of training in the leadership department. They walk around acting like they are god when in fact the only reason they are here is because the military is here. I feel that they should recieve some training in this area just like us who have been in for some time. We recieve so much training on how to be a responsible leader and then you get put under a civilian who basically takes that control away from you. It's enough to make you go crazy.
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• United States
16 Nov 06
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I can totally understand your thoughts on this. That all said, the people in those positions*should* have had some sort of training, or they wouldn't have risen to the "rank" they are - to even be PUT in charge of others - military or civilian alike. I know that isn't always the case. As a general rule, someone isn't going to be put in such a place of leadership without SOME sort of training and responsibility. Again, this is just a general rule. Many of them do have training in the leadership department, just not the same as we are used to. (We - I used to be on active duty.) I guess it's just a different type of relationship altogether. I don't always agree with them either...just pointing out that there are certain requirements/qualifications for being IN the position...and, hopefully those are adhered to!!!