how far would you go to be loved by the person you love?

@maxen07 (887)
May 7, 2010 7:28pm CST
Do you always agree to what your love one wants? I know several couples who broke up because they lack the give and take part in their relationships. But a person should always remember that they have to love themselves too. It can be very confusing because these two facts are contradicting and when not applied right, it can be very devastating.
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@meirhu (367)
• Israel
8 May 10
What is REALLY devastating are the societal norms. The education that we receive that their is only ONE way that makes relationships good. In this particular question no one should OWN another one. Nobody has to live according to someone else's standards or demands. We are ALL free to live our lives as we want (as long as it doesn't really harm anyone else). If our SO (significant other) decides to be hurt by something we do that doesn't DIRECTLY hurt hir (him or her) then that's up to hir. Lacking the give and take in a relationship is certainly a good reason to break up, but why can't people LEARN to give and take. Why does society condone things that are not accepted (again as long as they do not harm someone else) ?
• Malaysia
20 May 10
I'm sorry, I think I'm a little bit confused. Can you give examples of the society condoning things that are not accepted that are not harmful to anyone else?
• Indonesia
8 May 10
How many couples break up,, Because at the begining of the begining they started with a mask or lie I've seen many couples who break up are among the artists and celebrity whwn we all hope to live happily with our partners
• Philippines
8 May 10
love is not always about give and take sometimes sacrifices must be done.. if the two of you are always waiting for someone to understand the mistake of the other and noone will take responsible it will end up the two of you in separate ways.. :(