Gaining Weight

United States
May 7, 2010 8:49pm CST
I was reading online about how to gain weight. I have been trying to gain weight for a long time for high school football and nothing worked, untill two days ago. I tryed an idea i had about eating food in the middle of the night(2-3 a.m) then going back to sleep. I have gained three pounds in two days so far. Do you think this is just luck or a method to my madness.
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• United States
20 May 10
My friend went to the health food store to buy powder to gain weight for the gym. You should never eat and go to bed like that. I am sure this is why your gaining weight as it's what a lot of fat people do eat and lay down.
• Philippines
8 May 10
i think what you are doing is not good for you.. because sleeping after eating is bad.. if you really want to gain weight consult a nutritionist.. or if you dont want to here's my tip. every time your hungry eat rice for example in this morning 7am.. then eat again at 10 am then 12nn then 3 pm then 6pm and lastly at 8pm.. surely you'll gain weight.. if you dont have apetite try anything that can sooth your smell.. try as many dish as you can.. happy eating.. :)