daddy issues!?

May 8, 2010 1:05am CST
Hello myLotters, Howdy? I would like to ask something and I'd be happy if all of you would respond so that we could have a good discussion here. First, let me share about daddys/fathers/papas - I believe as the man in the family they are strong models of support, confidence, power, love, who shows care, support to their children and etc. But what if, just like the movie PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THEIF - you also have your "daddy issues" like missing dad, cheating dad, irresponsible dad, and the list runs through. How would you feel? Would it affect your life? or Not? Can you give me your idea on how you would cope up with life if such reality is present in your life? Will you be able to forgive him? Will you invite him on your wedding day? and allow him to walk you down the aisle???? I shall be waiting for your response. xoxo
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