discrimination of Hepatitis B Virus(HBV for short) in China

@tiller (57)
May 8, 2010 3:08am CST
How many mylotters know HBV? people can be infected by blood contact since it is a kind of blood virus.But if you are adult or the one took Hepatitis B Vaccine,you get much smaller probability to be infected.once infected,you get mroe than 90% chance to get cured all by yourself as adult.The important part is the children infection.There are a lot of ways to stop transmission between children such as taking vaccine.In fact,it is effective for both children and adult.so there is no need to throw ourself into panic. But in china,there is litter chance to get a good job for a HBV carrier becuse every corporation need a certification of employee physical(every employee must have blood check befor he get a job).Once carrier show the certification to the company,he get the refusal no matter how excel he/she is.Because the employer think carrier is a source of danger.They exaggerate the transmission of HBV,they think saliva even the air can transmit the HBV.Of course,they refuse the carriers with some excuses because the chinese government enact a law to pretect carriers rights.The law have so weak effection that most carriers get their refusals. so life is hard as a carrier.It is hard to get a job,make friend and get married.About 0.1 out of 1.3 billion persons are carries.unbelievable! The society is separated into two parts ,the healthy and carries.Beacuse of the rumour of HBV exaggerated transmission,the carries dare to confess the status if he is ready to take discrimination. your opinion is important to me,thanks!
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