May 8, 2010 1:18pm CST
There is a man named Juan Miguel Arroyo and happens to be a Pampanga(a province in the Philippines) Representative, trying very very hard just to remain in his position being a congressman. He is about to end up his term being a Distinguished "Gentle"man??, from Pampanga, and doing now his very best for some quite reasons, to still be in the position of being a representative of, by this time, the TRICYCLE DRIVERS and SECURITY GUARDS??!! In order for him to stay out and have an immunity from all of the corruption charges he might face after his office. He did it very well. The Commission on Election granted his petition to represent the sectors in which he himself didn't even became one of them. VERY FUNNY isn't it? Nobody knows except their internal affairs on how he manipulated and maneuver this thing to make it happen. This man is wise but dumb at the same time...and very ridiculous. Time will come that THEY WILL SEE THEIR DOWNFALL! - 'for whatsoever a man sows, he shall reap also.'
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