An LAN Network - School Type

@angeldev (172)
May 8, 2010 1:35pm CST
Could someone help me understand the basics of the school computer network? I mean all computers are linked to the server which is linked to the internet and so every computer has access to internet. Does every PC have an unique IP? How is that possible if they get internet access from the server which should have only 1 IP ? What software does the server need to be linked to so many computers? Could you give me some guides or tutorials on the web regarding school network? I can search myself but I don't know if I will find something useful or something that I can understand (I am not a beginner in this domain, not at all)
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7 Sep 11
Please try this suggestion: Example: You will have 5 computers to connect to each other with internet connection. 1. Subscribe a dsl connection. 2. Buy a Router, switch lan cables. 3. If you want a server to control your other pc's, install windows server in your selected server computer. (This is optional). 4. Assuming all of the ff: above are prepared: a. Connect the lancable in your Router (LAN 1). the configure the router. select DHCP server enable. and configure some options on it,then removed the cable after your done. Please Read Manual. b. Connect dsl modem cable into router (WAN PORT). c. From switch, connect a lancable on (LAN 1) going to the router (LAN 1). d. Then from the computers LAN card, connect the lancables into the available LAN port in the switch. 5. Check if you can access the internet.