does any use kajeet for their teens?

United States
May 8, 2010 2:55pm CST
Many teenagers using cellphones without consideration of the cost associate with the plan. At the end, the parents have to pay higher fee than they expected. Such as online game, and itune music and text message. To better control their teens cellphone usage. A website called kajeet emerged to help those desperate parents to solve this problem. Recently, my sister sign up with kajeet, and get sign up one of their unlimited text plan. It wasn't cost that much, and my sister can control the time schedule my niece use her cellphone. If she still chat on the phone pass bedtime, my sister can go online, her kajeet account, and lock the cellphone. She couldn't call it anymore. Do you think that is a great idea?
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• United States
28 Jul 10
Well, it SEEMS like a good idea! I ordered a kajeet phone for my son over a month ago. It arrived damaged, and I'm still waiting for a replacement. I have emailed them twice asking them to refund my money for the non-working and as-yet unreplaced phone, but have gotten no response. To add insult to injury, yesterday when I went to their website to check something out I saw that the phone I've been waiting over a month for is being offered for $30 off! Supposedly, as of last Thursday, the order for my replacement is being processed, but it hasn't shipped yet. After the way I've been treated so far, I'm no longer interested in their services. I will definitely be exploring whatever options I have for getting my money back from these people!
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
8 May 10
I don't have children of my own, but my provider offers the same thing. With more and more teens being given cell phones now a days, more and more providers offer up the exact same thing. Sometimes its for free, sometimes you have to pay a monthly fee. If I felt I needed to use such a program, I'd use the one my provider offers, to ensure there are no problems, such as unknown things that could come up. Though I think that's a good site for those whose providers don't offer up a satulation.