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United States
May 8, 2010 3:38pm CST
Do you ever worry about providng for your family? I am so afraid of this.. Today I got a letter in the mail that said with intent to sue.. Apparently there are taxes on the house that we didnt know about...when we bought the house they said that everything was caught up and now this.. they said that it could lead to foreclosure if we didn't pay it.. I don't know what to do but the thought of not having a roof over my babies head.. I don't know what to do.. and it scares me.. can anyone enlighten me please..
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• Philippines
8 May 10
First of all, you worry about your babies and family so you should not tag yourself as an unfit mother. It was not your fault in the first place if the previous owner did not inform you that the house has been mortgaged. It is very scary though thinking about your babies without shelter but please be brave for your little ones. Please go to this link, this may help you a lot, http://www.larcc.org/pamphlets/housing/my_house_is_being_foreclosed.htm. This contains basic information on what to do if your house is in danger of foreclosure. Hope this helps. Thanks.
• United States
9 May 10
I agree just because something happened that you had no control over doesn't make you an unfit mom. If you are doing thing or if stuff happen and you did have some control then maybe but even then there is a thin line. As mom's I feel we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves and we want the best for our family nad children. I hope that you will get some help and maybe try our local United Way to see if there are some agencies in your area that can help you can call dail 211 from any landline phone or you can go to the main United Way website which is www.liveunited.org to find your local United way. Please stay strong and believe in yourself.
@laglen (19782)
• United States
9 May 10
I would check that out, I do believe that the title company should be able to help you. If for some reason there are taxes that you are respnsible for, call that office and work out a payment arrangement. They should be understanding. They dont want your house any more than you want to give it up. Dont get too upset until you have checked it out.