which type tales like children?

@kiran9 (255)
May 8, 2010 10:31pm CST
Hi my lot friends, Recently my sister's sons came my home for summer holidays? Every day the asked me about stories and tales. I don't have any idea about tales and stories. where can i find the mythological stories. It is moral tales. Generally children which type of stories like?
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
9 May 10
well, the kids mostly like fabels, because they make them feel happy, because fabels are with some animals who act like people and kids hold it for interesting too!
• United States
9 May 10
Do you remember stories that you made up as a child from your own imagination. Tell the story, they would love to hear those. Do you have a memory of some things you and your sister did as children that would grab their interest and like to hear. If you only want children stories, you can do a search for them. There are many childrens sites online now. With many different stories and interactivity. you can also have fun making up a story together, one starts it, then another adds something, and you go back and forth between everyone and you come up with a story. Just idea's for you that I did with my children when they were small. Also is there a library near you... that is fun for children to go to, too.