How to make without egg cakes

@kiran9 (255)
May 8, 2010 11:47pm CST
Hi friends, I love to eat cakes. Recently I had a cake in cafe center when I went out with my roommates. I want to make cakes but I don't know how to make a cakes? How many types of cakes? Is it possible without egg make a cakes? How much time will make a cakes?
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@p3ks626 (6550)
• Philippines
10 May 10
It depends on the kind of cake that you are making. If you wanted to make some sponge cake then you are gonna need 8 eggs. If you making some moist chocolate cake then you are gonna need at least 2. If you are gonna make some cheesecake then I know a recipe that's not gonna need any eggs.
@qamarep (4449)
• Pakistan
9 May 10
ha ha i dont know how to make the cakes that is going to be very very difficult to do this.. if this costs more then dont do it
@eil_noz (963)
• Philippines
9 May 10
I had a culinary subject in the past and we make some chiffon cakes. and yes there were 3 types of cakes. One is the Butter type, made up of butter and known to be the shortened type examples of this type of cake are Banana cakes and cupcakes. The second type is the Foam or sponge type, It usually has some leavening agents like baking soda and it known to be the unshortened, examples of this type were mango grape roll and crema de fruta. lastly, the chiffon type of cake, it has a combination of the butter and the sponge type and the shortening ingredient used is oil examples of this type are angel food cake, rolled cake, mosaic cake, and pandan cake. I guess all cakes do have egg because it is one of the main ingredients in making it, icings were made og egg whites while the cake itself was made up of the egg yolk. Making cakes takes a lot of time specially if your alone making it but if you'll do it in a group it will take you one and a half hour in doing the ingredients and in baking it.