how to develop the "likeability factor" ?

May 9, 2010 2:00am CST
to be heard you have to make people like you. you need to create chemistry with your staff as a manager, with your team as a project leader, with your boss, with your customer, with your strategic partners. people believe people they like. that's not a news bulletin. great communicators develop the "likeability factor"--your personality and the "chemistry" you create between yourself and others.
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@nuc_2005 (25)
• China
11 May 10
I think it is a nature ability, we get it from god. God make you to be the one you should to be, not others.what we can do is adjustment. To copy, study, acquire from other people, TV, books, Internet ect..But this would not make you to be another preson.For example, you are cat at first, and you admire tiger`s ability, so you copy him, finish the work with his ways.Then you will be a tiger? NO. cat is still a cat, it just a cat with some tiger factors.
9 May 10
I think its all different, if your a manager, and your fair with your staff, you listen to them, encorage them, and show that you have a sense of humor then you should do well. If you want to get along with your boss, do your job well, dont make excuses, take ownership of your work, dont constantly moan, and always do your best. Some politicians have the likeabilty factor, I believe that if you want to convince anyone of anything you must believe in what you are saying, and if you can show that you believe in it then you will be more convincing.