This coming Monday is Election Day!!! What are your criteria of a good leader?

May 9, 2010 2:58am CST
My criteria of a good leader are:He must be a leader for all types of people in his country,not just looking for any favor to the rich few,so that fair justice could prevail,and the violators are given the full teeth of the law.A good leader should be very creative,maybe adopting some great ideas,yet very important to the uplifting of the living conditions of the Filipino people.He must be very practical in all his decisions,and make all plans known to all the people,so that red tape and irregularity must be wipe out.Invite more foreign trades and investments by giving great incentives to probable investors,promote more infrastructure projects,provide good protection against terrorist actions and other bad elements.Give more emphasis on the upgrading education of the youth,especially the poor,yet deserving children.What are your criterion of a good leader?Please enumerate your ideas so that many people would also know what are really best for our new leaders.......................
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