what's your favorite?

May 9, 2010 3:39am CST
hi everybody, today let's talk about favorite, such as book, food, idol.Obviously, if you talk about your lover, I will be more excited. come on, just a kidding. when I was young, exactly in the middle school, I was such absorbed in the kungfu novels that I spent all my spare time in studying Louis Cha. I am sure that many friends once had the same experience with me. however, I have to say I am only a layman in that thing because I just can tell good guys from bad ones. until the movie "the forbidden kingdom" came out, I didn't find the right words to express myself in English. now, share them with you: kungfu--hard work over time to accomplish skill. a painter can have kungfu. or the butcher who cuts meat every day with such skill...his knife never touches bone. learn the form, but seek the formless. hear the soundless. learn it all, then forget it all. learn the way, then find your own way. the musician can have kungfu. or the poet who paints pictures with words and makes emperors weep. this is also kungfu.but do not name it, my friend, for it's like water. nothing is softer than water...yet it can overcome rock. it does not fight. it flows around the opponent. formless,nameless...the true master dwells within, only you can free him. maybe it's not kungfu but life, are you with me? nowadays I still chew up some books and try to find things can make my heart go. it seems that I am far away from the point, but it's something.
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@ericpapasit (1276)
• Philippines
9 May 10
good habit that you had hope that you will continue to do it be a bookworm....
@indahfth (11173)
• Indonesia
9 May 10
when I was young, I liked to make wall hangings made of cloth. I used to love to read some comics teens. I've forgotten what comics I've read. now I'm married, and my spare time I am happy with the open Internet, especially in Mylot. after they finish doing the housework and my kids go to school, my own home. and I always open the internet, to dispel loneliness during my child's school and my husband worked.