Friendship that last forever (Hope so!)

@jasmeena (850)
May 9, 2010 10:07am CST
Hi guys, hope you`re all fine!My mom just arrived from her friend`s birthday party. Her friend is 78 years old, lives alone after her hubby and son died. My mom`s story is a good example of friendship. She and her four former colleagues ( now only four, after one of them passed away)used to work at the same office, a government office. My mom was a newcomer at that time, but there was no seniority whatsoever. My mom quit after she got married and my older sister was born, but her friends still worked until they retired around 10 years ago or something. My mom quit the job, but never stops the friendship. They still keep in touch till now. They have been friends for almost 43 years, and my mom still keeps in touch with her high school friends, and they have been friends since 1959!!! I also have some best friends, who are always behind me, remind me,honest and we support each other. My best friends in high school, we`ve been together for almost 18 years, and college friends for 14 years. Hope we can still be friend. When I am down, they are always behind me, tell me what to do, give suggestion. When some of them have problems with their families,I give my best support, especially when there are some who decided to end their marriage because of their irresponsible husbands ( I am not married yet, hope my marriage will be a happy marriage. What about you?Maybe you have similar stories about friendship, from you or your family members?would like to hear it from you, thank you
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• Philippines
10 May 10
In this life, there is really no certainties. You are happy right now because you have your friends with you, or even your best friend. But sooner, things will change. The dates will change. And your way of camaraderie to each one will change. Nothing last together. But it is good that you did hope for the best. And somehow, there are not perfect relationships, only good ones.
• Iran
9 May 10
oh,my friends are really stupid I wish I loose all of them