which age is you like?

@kiran9 (255)
May 9, 2010 10:14am CST
Hi my lot friends, I was very enjoy in child when no-one has scold me whatever I did,after cross the childish to enter young age that time also enjoy it.after cross the young age I could not enjoy as childish? which is age you like ? share your happiest moment in your life
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@phoenix8606 (4978)
9 May 10
well, I guess that it was in my childhood between 4 and 10, i guess that these were my happiest years ni my life, because everything was so cool, I only played with the friends, have no worries, it was just so perfect that I even thought i am on some wrong place, and I don't have to be here. there were really many happy moments during all those years, that I even remember and I think that I remember the most of them really good and I also have many photos to remember me that moment, because as I have always told, the chldhood, especially the first years like in my case are actaully the happiest and most beatiful and pleasant years in human's life, because then we have no worries, we only play with the kids, with our friends and have fun with them. It is really sad to realze that you are not a child anymore and that all your friends have grown up. But there are some people who never grow up, and I think that I am one of them- well, they actaully grow up physicaly but not in their hearts and minds- there they are still 10 and still watching cartoons, playing games with friends and have fun. and there is really nothing wrong in that, because we actually must always have faith inn the good kid in us, we must always try too keepit inside us, and we will never lose the childish inside.
• China
9 May 10
I like the age when we don't have anything to tense. Don't have to do anything. That is child age. I like my child age. And i like the age when i can help my parents.
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9 May 10
yeah, there is nothing more great than being child. helping the parents period comes a little bit later :)
@qamarep (4448)
• Pakistan
9 May 10
i dont like this age i also like the age i was very little and care less