If you could be any household animal ?

May 9, 2010 10:10pm CST
Wellas the title suggests if you could be any household animal what would it be and taking not just dogs cats anything really snakes aligators etc. What would the advantages of being this animal and what would the disadvantages be right my answer Well id be a guinea pig cause i think there cute and yes they look dense but under that mass of fluff theres a clever lil bugger that knowes exactly what they want and how to get it. The pro's would be free food a nice warm house to sleep in dont have to do much with your day just get up eat walk around abit and go back to sleep. Wheek at your owners when you want fresh veg and sit there vibrating or popcorning when your happy. The cons would be your quiete small so someone might step on you. You could end up in a bad home where your neglated or left outside in the cold. also you could find out that tonight its guinea pig for tea.
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• Philippines
10 May 10
i think i like to a fish.. specifically a gold fish or coi fish.. cause for me living as a fish is not stressful.. their environment is calm they just swim and wait for their food to come.. they dont need to do much effort to impress their master. they just to do their usual thing and they can make people happy.. :)
@oldchem1 (8144)
10 May 10
I would be my hamster Ginger Owen He gets lots of cuddles and biscuits to eat, likes to go walkaboiut and slip under his 'brothers' bedroom door to spook him out. The only thing I wouldn't like is Ginger's new hairdo - he's losing his hair