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@IngramWu (194)
May 10, 2010 1:08am CST
After I initiated the topic program, I formed a habit that every morning i browse the internet and seek for valuable news to share with others, To except for entertainment before, now I am glad to catch the step of the world and kept updated. it' s nice to have some materials to share when talking with friends. There are basically 3 sources for me to collect information First is website, you won't get bored with links by links, on the contrary, you should be careful that don't lose your way in information explosion. Another traditional source is newspaper or magazines. All the news has been selected and edited elaborately. You'll get to know what's the hottest just by reading the headlines. However, it's not very convenient to carry with. Especially in our over-crowded subway, it's impossible to spread your newspaper and enjoy reading. Last and my latest favorite is mobile news. I recently subscribed the service of an English newspaper. (I won't say the name to avoid suspicion of advertising.) It's somehow like news digest, short and refined, and not so many contents but definitely including latest and hottest news. I usually read on my mobile on the subway So how about you ? Do you have the habit of reading? Which way do you take to get informed? Recommend some of your choices.
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@advokatku (4037)
• Indonesia
10 May 10
For news, I prefer to read them from news sites on the Internet than from newspapers because we know that the news on the Internet faster than the news in the newspaper. To which involves the interests of science, especially concerning the work, of course, I prefer books
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@kquiming (2999)
• Philippines
10 May 10
I usually rely on online magazines / news. I think it's cheaper, more convenient, but sometimes it can cause some eye strain if I read on for too long. I do this almost on a daily basis. I don't believe everything I read right away, sometimes I have to make further research to validate the facts.
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@srganesh (6348)
• India
10 May 10
Yes!We have to update ourselves daily without which we will be left back.Well,I don't rely on net for updating news.I just watch news on tv and read news paper daily to remain informed about the latest news.Just surf in the net for any detailed news alone.By the way,I have also subscribed to a mobile news paper which I only use when I am out of station and without other sources.