What are the Qualities of a Happy Life?

Happy Life - A Way of Living Happily!!
May 10, 2010 8:09am CST
[b]Hello Friends!!We all are Running with Today's Rapid World!We Don't have enough Time to spent with our Family.We always lives with Fear,Tension and Angry.We all live sometimes with Frustration in this Modern Era.Still we are Telling us "We Live Happily"!!Does it SO? People Around us always seems to be in Delema and Confused around us with their Life.We Don't know where Exactly the Life is Going On.No Que about it where to go exactly after this and in such Fashion we never come to know When the Time goes of our Precious Life.Which Indeed Goes with lot of Boring,Timepass,Frustration,Confused and regretting.Does these Qualities give us any Pleasure of God Gifted Life,But Still We always Prefer to go with the Modernization which includes all those Factors through which we can Never Pull ourself out of these Puzzle Life. What is the Meaning then Left of Living whole life which is Full of Waste Time and experiences.So According to you which are the Good Qualities should be Follow to live a Happy and Memorable Life?In Which each Moments is Full of Joy,Happiness and Great Feeling!Is it Possible to make such Life in Reality or it can Just Imagine Only? Life should be such which should be lived in such a way that many people should Follow your Footprints of Living.I know One Quality which I Implemented on me is the "Simplicity" of the Life.Does it a good way of living?As Simplicity is Avoiding lots of Spot light on ourself.Living such a life which also makes you Feel Calm to yourself and make you Feel exactly What you are!Thats my Experienced I am Sharing with you People. There are many examples of The List of Great People who Lived with a Concept of Grand "Simplicity" and Lived a Great Life.One of the Most Greatest Person who had elected to live with Simplicity is "Mahatma Gandhi".Mahatma Gandhiji's simplicity concept which He gave name as "Ahinsa" Movement which the Whole INDIAN Country followed to Get INDEPENDENCE from Britishers. Whatever may be But every thing has its Two Effects Just Like a Coin has Two Sides.I Follow "Simplicity" Concept from my Childhood.But a Problem which I face in this Modern Life as they call me "Boring" due to my Simplicity.Is it so or its Just a Little Problem in my way which wants to Change my Path of Grand Simplicity of Life to Achieve Success and a Happy Life?What According to you are the Qualities of a Happy life?[/b]
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