do u fear that u have cancer??

May 10, 2010 11:14am CST
well cancer is a very big diesease and its a silent killer and it kills people from inside without even letting us know tat we have it. in our daily life we come acrosss moments that we gwt a little pain in the stomach,or we feel tired...the first thing which come across is that do i have cancer?? its a phobia and lot of people are suffering from you come across moments like this??
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@ericpapasit (1276)
• Philippines
11 May 10
Actually, we are in the days that cancer is not strange thing and also if you can noticed that our food, water, air and environment are prone to cancer.... so why we need to fear cancer if we created it?
• Philippines
11 May 10
Unfortunately I belong to the paranoid group who think of themselves having cancer. Worse, I even suspect my friends & loved ones having the same sickness when they complain on something like unusual pain here and there in their bodies. I think I should refrain from thinking such negative thoughts and have more faith.
• India
10 May 10
no.i don't have such a fear.but sometimes i do feel that if i get poor marks in any exams then having cancer is better because if you do have cancer you get a lot of sympathy and my parents won't shout at me.but then i know how serious this disease is and feel terribly sorry for those who are suffering from this disease.