Has HYIFund.com gone scam?

@jambi462 (4598)
United States
May 10, 2010 10:29pm CST
Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone else here has tried logging into their account on HYIFund.com and found that all of their investments as well as earnings are gone. Mine are all gone and I had turned a five dollar investment into about a twenty dollar profit. That's not bad when you don't really have to do much. Anyways HYIFund sent out emails not too long ago saying they were going to clean up their sites for members that didn't invest any money yet. I invested 5 dollars and I'm sure a bunch of other people did as well. I hope it's not like most HYIP's that go scam after being legit for a little while. Responses would be appreciated. Thank you
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@jamed28 (1909)
• Philippines
23 May 10
Me too. I always expect that HYIFUND would someday end up as a scam, well I am correct. But they are still online, well if you'll ask me to start investing again? I don't think so.
@jambi462 (4598)
• United States
25 May 10
Yeah it sucks. I figured that when they did their spring cleaning that they were just going to clean out all their members that had never actually made an investment. Unfortunately people looking for earning opportunities were trying to benefit themselves and got taken advantage of people trying to provide a better way to take care of themselves and their families.
@pierone (1895)
• Italy
11 May 10
I guess we can say bye to our money in hyifunds. Their alertpay account was suspended several days ago. More, if you login into your account, you will see your balance is 0, and there is no tracks about any money at all ;) So, we can definitely says hyifunds people are gone, bringing our money with them ;)
• India
11 May 10
Yes. After 'geniusbux and 'verifield' , now, 'HYIFund' also became scam. I lost $8.50 in HYIFunds. But no problem, that money is came from the site itself. Further, there is a small balance in my LR account also.
@myl999 (2093)
• India
11 May 10
It already gone since 3rd may I think,with payments that were help before some time.I was fortunate not investing much money there,but two of my friends lost $5 each.That was the trick I mean sending the mails for spring clean to get some more funds poured the spring clean mania,those who had LR accounts are luck because there you need only $1 to spend but with alert pay it is $5.Now hyips are never legitimate they will be floated run for some time in the market and vanish away that is what I learned myself as I am watching the hyip market for some time.But the thing is you can make some good quick money if you find out some tricks and have some extra money to play with hyips,and the best rule is use those funds which you can afford to lose. good luck.