How Can You Tell if Its a Scam or A Rip-Off?

United States
May 10, 2010 10:32pm CST
With so many scams and rip-offs preying on people who are financially shaken or in need of help, it becomes a wonder how we can trust any program that promises to give us a chance to make some extra cash? I know I personally would like to do something at home to make some extra money, but who can I trust? I know most sites have comments and customer reviews who rave about the product, but how can you be sure these people weren't paid to write good and enticing reviews? However, I've been reading about a few tricks to tell if a program is a scam. One (which now seems obvious)is that if a program does not give any contact information- phone number, address, email, etc.- then they are probably making sure that you can never contact them when things go wrong. Do you know any other tricks to spot a scam?
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