If a police officer violate a traffic law, who gonna write him a ticket?

United States
May 11, 2010 4:47am CST
I just wonder, does a police officer driving a police car has special authority, even though they are breaking the traffic law as many people saw it? Many times, one or two police car was rushing over 55 miles in a 35 street. Some polices even turn the siren on for the intention of not want to wait in red light. After they pass the red light, they simply turn it off. For that, who are going to give them ticket, I was just curious. Also, even a civilian file a complaint report to the police supervisor, would they even consider take a look at the complaint report or investigate it? Which I doubt it.
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@CJscott (4184)
• Canada
7 Jun 10
Other police officers, I have seen it done before. And yes, complaints are taken very seriously I have seen it in the paper that police have lost their jobs from civilian complaints before. Some officers do abuse their power though, I have to agree with that.
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
11 May 10
Well, sadly, I doubt anyone is going to be able to do much of anything. Police officers have a bit more leeway in regards to bending the law, because of enforcing the law. Of course, that is abused some of the time but such is life and matters like that happen all of the time. If they cause an accident, then I am certain that they would blame it on the civilians driving around. Perhaps I am just the paranoid sort, but that could happen. Civilians filing a report might work but it is a case of your word against theirs in this case. Let's face it, there could be some shady dealings going on. Not all police are bad, but there are some that give the one's that try to work within the law a bad name. Therefore, who knows if reporting them could do any good. I doubt most of the time it even will.