Do you think romantic relationships among the youth today have to do with LOVE?

May 11, 2010 7:28am CST
I just wonder because most of the young people now who are involved in romantic relationships seem not to have true love between them. We are all witnesses to the growing number of young women, specifically teenagers, who get pregnant. They haven't finished school yet. What's the main cause of this? Parents or the children themselves? It's so sad because they're not recognizing and respecting the sanctity of a relationship, of marriage and its privileges. Where has love gone to, people?
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@ifa225 (11098)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 10
it seems that they love to have some journey before they went to the real love. and i guess love is such a life style in teenager, so everyone would see as a abnormal person if he/she doesn't have bf/gf
@hmm609 (36)
• China
12 May 10
it is hard to say.frankly speaking, i have boyfriend now,i do not know whether i love him,because i do not know what is love,i just know i want to stay with him,i want to share happiness and sorrow with him,maybe this is love ,maybe not.
@xsj583 (5)
• China
12 May 10
I agree with you comletely.For example ,there are many couples in our lschool.They change their girl or boy friend very frequently and many of them get pregnant .H
@alocure (372)
• United States
11 May 10
Parents or not paying attention to their kids especially if their daughter is spending so much time with their new boyfriend or out partying all the time instead of studying. parents need too teach their kids value. am 19 and am in college am waiting until i build a family and financially!
@zhangxia (87)
• China
11 May 10
I believe TRUE love is always exist .I can see it at these old pairs live together day and days .they are ordinary and plain .their love either .but it's great .they lived through what they lived ,happy and sad ,bittersweet life .